Tourism in the region (Haute-Saône - 70 - Burgundy - Franche-Comté)

The Haute-Saône is a department to discover : 2 100 km of rivers, lakes and ponds. You can go on a cruise (more infos).
The Baron Martin’s museum allows you to discover different collections of guardian’s arts. This museum is in the city of Gray.

You can discover too, the Castel of Champlitte, Museum of arts and traditional habits. In visiting every room of the Castel, you will discover a history of the daily life of the region.

Many architecturals works are to be discovered, like the Chapel of Romchamp which is modern and built in 1950. It’s described like a silent and peace space. To discover others architectural works, click here.

The Haute-Saône is one of four departments which composed the Franche-Comté, with Doubs (25), Jura (39) and territory of Belfort (90).

The Franche-Comté has the city of Besançon (25) for chief place. In Besançon you can visit a wildlife zoo which is in the citadel.

The Franche-Comté is region of mounts, with the Massif du Jura on the edge of Swiss. At the north of this region we find the Massif des Vosges.

Also known for the regional wines, you can visit some cellars, in particular in Champlitte and in Charcenne.

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